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Get To Know
The Bronzed Blonde

Hi! I'm Samantha Sally, but you can call me Sam.

I started The Bronzed Blonde with the intention and passion of making you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin from the comfort of your own home.


I am a Vermont native with a love and admiration of all things beauty. As a little girl growing up in a salon, I always loved to watch clients experience the transformation from before to after as they stepped out of the shop with a new hair color, fresh nails or a glowing tan! I also worked at a local medical spa for many years learning the ins and outs of all things that are important to the local beauty community.


While living in Boston, I had access to so many different beauty and wellness services at my finger tips (Literally, there's an app for that!) I thought that this trend was a genius and convenient way of bridging the gap for those of us who lead busy lives but still want to treat ourselves every once in awhile. Fewer things are more luxurious than being pampered without ever having to leave the house! That's why I started The Bronzed Blonde. 

Although not required in the State of Vermont, I am Certified and Nationally Licensed by The NSTPA: National Spray Tan Professional Association. This accreditation is achieved by completing The Sunless Master Course and scoring a 90% or above on the Certification Exam!

When I'm not bronzing' booties,

I am probably traveling with my husband, Justin and our German Shepherds, Dolly Parton and Mavis. 

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