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What is a good time to get spray tan?
Anytime! Spray tans are perfect for bi-weekly application to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing all year long. Spray tans are also perfect for events such as weddings, vacations, proms/formals, pageants or before any other event where you want to add a little extra pop to your look!
Spray Tan Parties are also a great way for you and your friends, co-workers or wedding party to get tanned

What is your current service area?
My current service area is approximately an hour radius or less around Essex.

This includes all of Chittenden County priced at the normal service fee.
I also service parts of Franklin, Grand Isle, Lamoille, Washington and Addison Counties for an 
additional $10 travel fee. Want to book but unsure if your specific location is within my service area? Please inquire prior to booking. Are you outside of the service area but still want to book a spray tan by The Bronzed Blonde? Please email me for additional tanning options.
Please note that appointments outside of my service will be 
subject to an additional travel fee and will be determined by length of travel time.

What can I expect when I schedule an appointment?
My concierge, mobile spray tanning service comes directly to your home or any other desired location! My equipment is compact and accommodates any size home! You will receive a pre-tan prep text 24 hours prior to your appointment loaded with information on how to properly prepare for your tan! Once I arrive, I prefer to set up in a bathroom or room with mainly hard surfaces to be extra considerate of the integrity of your home. Next, we spray and then I'm on my way!

How do I pay you?
Preferred payment methods are either via Cash, Check or Venmo: @thebronzedblondevt. Please be prepared to pay via either method. 

How long is the entire process take?
I can typically be in and out in approximately 30 minutes. 

How long will my spray tan last?
Your tan will last 7 to 10 days with proper pre and post tan care!

Am I protected from the sun?
No No No! Your spray tan and our solution will not protect you from getting sunburnt. Please always wear SPF even with the darkest spray tan. 

Is there anything I should do to prepare for my spray tan appointment?
Exfoliate 12-24 hours before your tan to remove dead skin and provide an even surface for the
solution. Do not put anything on your skin the day of your appointment that may create a barrier. This includes lotions, oils, and deodorant. You will receive a pre-tan prep text 24 hours prior to your appointment loaded with information on how to properly prepare for your tan! 

What should I wear during my appointment?
This is personal preference: I prefer to go fully nude during my sprays to avoid any tan lines but always wear what makes you feel most comfortable. I will always have disposable undergarments and hair nets on hand for our session! 

What should I wear after my appointment?
Loose, dark-colored clothing is preferred. My solution will not permanently stain any clothes, but may cause discoloration during the duration of the tan development. If you plan to be at home for a period of time post tan, I recommend wearing a robe! Be extra cautious of anything that has tight elastic as this may cause the tan to not develop properly in those areas. This includes tapered ankle sweatpants, hair ties on your wrists or even socks!

Do you spray tan males?
At this time, I am currently only accepting female clients. Thank you for your understanding.

When can I shower?
Wait at least 8 hours before showering for a Classic Spray and between 2-4 for a Rapid. It is very important to avoid any water on you while your tan is developing, this includes sweating. Do not work out until after your first rinse. This also includes rain, so always check the weather and prepare for your day accordingly. 

What if I want a spray tan but my town isn't listed in your service areas?
No worries! Send me an email request and I will do my best to accommodate a spray tan at your location (extra travel fee may apply) Please check the above listed services area.

What if I want a spray tan outside normal business hours?
I always try to be as accommodating as possible - send me an email and we will make it work!

Do you offer any kind of discounts?
Yes! We offer student discounts of $5 off per tan with proof of valid Student ID. We also offer Spray Tan Parties/Group Rates - perfect for bridal or bachelorette parties, girls night or work events! To be eligible for a Group Rate: Your Party must include 4 or more participants. With a Group Rate/Party: each spray tanner will enjoy $10 off their tan! 
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